Yoni Eggs 101: How To Properly Insert a Yoni Egg To Avoid Mishap

December 18, 2018

Yoni and heart chakra vibrate in the same rhythm. Stone includes those elements that improve metabolism in the body. The person begins to grow old due to the fact that his metabolism is disturbed. With the help of Yoni, it is restored; as a result, the body remains young and healthy. That is why the Yoni eggs for training intimate muscles affects the vaginal muscles and make the whole body work properly. Yoni gives feminine strength and health.

What is the use of Yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs strengthen muscles of the vagina well. They are made of natural stone; it is polished smoothly, so that it takes the form of an egg. Also in the simulators may be special holes for the ropes. Ropes are pulled through the holes, and the ends are fastened to the clothes. This is necessary so that when the egg falls out of the vagina, it does not file, but simply hang.

Result and effect of Yoni eggs

Yoni eggs align the energy of a woman called Yin. Products have a lot of useful properties. When a woman trains the intimate muscles, her energy level increases, she becomes sensual and sexy. If a woman is constantly trained, then it becomes very easy to give birth to her. The body is restored very quickly, the breaks are completely absent.

In ancient times, various female diseases, cysts, erosion, inflammation, infertility and uterus prolapsed were treated with Yoni eggs. The micro flora of the vagina becomes normal and healthy, increases the immunity of the whole organism. Exercises with Yoni eggs help to attract the attention of the opposite sex. A woman begins to feel unknown emotions, becomes more sensitive in intimate life, and ceases to be frigid.

Why products are made in the form of eggs?

Intimate simulators are made in the form of eggs for a reason. It is the egg that is magical; it fully corresponds to the aura of the person himself. The egg is a symbol of the infinity of the universe. The muscles of the vagina strengthen and develop precisely because of this form of the product. The main thing is that Yoni should be of high quality and natural. That is why when purchasing a simulator you should not chase for cheapness. After all, quality products cannot be too cheap. Well, if they have holes, then the egg will become even more expensive, because it is incredibly difficult to make them.

How to use Yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs are great for practicing women’s practices. It is recommended to immediately purchase a set of three products. They are a bit like dumbbells, with all three eggs having different weights. If it is easy for a woman to practice with the smallest egg, you still need to periodically use a large one and make efforts so that the muscles become more trained. If you have the same query that Can yoni eggs fall out, then according to experts proper insertion does not cause any issue.

How to start classes?

It is recommended to start using the largest and heaviest egg. After all, a woman should feel good product inside. If this does not happen, then this does not mean that there will be no further sensitivity. Gradually, the sensitivity will return and the sensations will become more unusual and pleasant. Gradually, you need to move to smaller eggs, so that the vagina felt foreign objects clearly.

Intimate gymnastics

In order to use Yoni eggs correctly, you need to be aware of some basic rules. If the vaginal muscles have never been subjected to stress, then you should first practice them a little. You need to do them for some time, and then start training. When training, you need to develop the pelvic floor muscles, make them more elastic.

First, the woman will feel unpleasant painful sensations, but then everything will pass. Also, with weak muscles of the vagina, the egg will not be held there, but will constantly fall out. To Yoni egg properly moved through the vagina, and the micro flora remained in order, you need to know that the muscles are divided into several zones, the urethral, anal and vaginal sphincter.

Well, if a person does not know how to separate them, then the muscles can ache and overload. In order to draw the egg well and quickly, work with the diaphragm is necessary. The meaning of classes is to treat various diseases of the reproductive system and increase sensitivity, which is why you need to practice classes with eggs very carefully and correctly.

How to start using eggs?

For a start, you should definitely heat the Yoni products in your hands, at the same time you should reduce and relax the muscles of the vagina. It is recommended to start the practice with the very large egg, because it is much more difficult to work with a small one the first time you need to enter into the vagina egg no more than two hours. You can simply walk with the product or try to do your own thing. The main thing is to make the body accustomed to the product. It is advisable to first use Yoni eggs only at home. It is recommended to practice lying down first.

You need to enter one egg from the set inside the vagina, but do not exercise for too long. Need to do so that the muscles get used to the tension gradually. If a woman feels tired, then you should not continue training, otherwise there will be no effect. When holding an egg inside is not difficult, you can already begin to practice standing.

A woman should push an egg out of her and be able to pull it inward. The main thing is not to use the abdominal muscles, so as not to harm the health; you should use only vaginal muscles. When the muscles become already elastic, then you can begin classes with a medium egg. It is possible to subsequently use the Yoni trainer at night or at work. The main thing is not to forget that it is inside.

Yoni Egg Use

The egg should first be inserted into the vagina at a shallow depth, and the other hand to hold the cord. All this should be done lying down. You can use a variety of intimate lubrication, so that the penetration does not cause pain. It is necessary to shorten the crotch, and the anus begins to drag inward. The egg is set in motion, the cord is stretched, and the woman clearly feels it.

After that, you need to relax to the maximum level so that the egg returns to its original position. It should be pulled out almost completely from the vagina, but try to make sure that it does not come out completely. The standing position also includes some exercises. You should stand up straight and relax your legs. Introduce the egg into the vagina and begin to contract the vaginal muscles. The anus retracts inside; in the stomach begin barely perceptible attempts. Then you should relax and try to push out the egg, but not completely. At first, a woman may not feel the egg inside herself at all, and then the sensations become stronger. Visit https://yonieggs.co/ for more info.