What is erotic fanfiction?

Smut is sexually explicit or pornographic writing. This could refer to a small portion of a story, or in its entirety. The terms “lemon” and “lime” are often used to allude to the upcoming sexual scene. Two or more characters (fictional or nonfictional) has a sexual incounter with each other. It could be all sex with little story plot or a well thought out story with occasional sex scenes. Usually associated with fan art, fan fiction and a lot of romance novels.

What are the benefits of reading adult fanfiction?

When you read erotica, you have the ability to fill in all the details you wish to see in the characters. You want to be the leading lady, no problem. Suddenly you are. Reading erotica also lets you be a part of the characters lives. Reading also allows you to skip some of the overly close close-ups that erotic films so frequently feature. It may get you close to the characters, close to the action and close to your own personal sexual brink, but you won’t have to see the bouncing underside of anyone’s genitalia.

Where can I find good fanfiction stories?

Fantasies can be your best sexual experiences because the only limit is your imagination. Erotic literature and art is meant to arouse sexual desire, and it can give you some fun ideas for the bedroom or even just be fun reading when the mood is right. There are many websites where you can find sexy stories such as Sherlockholmesonstage. With the help of online erotica, you can turn boring mediocre sex into a mind-blowing event. It’s like a portable vibrator for your mind.

Why should I read erotic fanfiction?

Studies have shown that reading erotica makes you more likely to get between the sheets with your partner or pleasure yourself in the 24 hours after you read it. Plus, the first study we mentioned above suggests that erotica can significantly increase the overall sex drive and sexual pleasure of a woman reading it. Newcomers to erotica may worry that they’re turned on by the BDSM depicted in “Fifty Shades of Grey” or by a homosexual relationship when they’ve never felt same-sex attraction. Of course, erotica may also give you ideas for fun, new things to try in the bedroom, from new positions to role-playing.

How does reading erotica help me?

Women who read literotica have 75 percent more sex. Bibliotherapy is an academic term used to describe the amazingly beneficial (and very delightful!) mind/body reactions that occur from reading sexy erotic stories (aka literotica). In fact, sex therapists are advising their female patients to get busy and start reading erotic stories. Studies show that 30 to 45 minutes of reading erotic stories or sex stories causes a chemical reaction in the female brain, resulting in increased arousal.