“My husband and I have sex as often as rabbits when I am at home. However, I have a great job that drags me out of town several days each month. I bought a few erotic books (from which this site is mainly inspired from) for both of us. When I get back to the motel I take a hot bath and then call him then we both get off at the same time.”

“My wife and I have a very loving relationship. Most of the time she will have sex whenever I want. There are times when she’s just not in the mood. That’s when we would read adult fan fiction from this site together and let me finish me off. Adds a whole new way to play in our relationship.”

“At 77 years of age I may be your oldest reader…but somehow I doubt it. I think the greatest thing about the reading erotica is the fact that you don’t have the feeling you are masturbating. It’s wonderful to lay back, close your eyes and imagine having ‘someone’ else do you. It’s almost as good as the real thing…actually better than some of the ‘unenthusiastic’ women I’ve known in my life. Literotica is superior to other books I’ve tried that require you to keep pumping by hand which is not only tiring but diminishes the pleasurable feeling.”

“I have been reading literotica for some time now and it is great. I have had a partial erection problem for about 15 years (now age 60) and I don’t have to worry about that. I average about one reading session per day with it. I really like how it makes my imagination go wild. By the way, I also bought a few adult books for my wife and she always has multiple climaxes, even though she was very reluctant to read it at first.”

“No other erotic book has come anywhere close to how well it has worked for me. I got tired of using my hand and wasting money on silly toys. The first time I read it I was totally astounded: Imaginations and feelings can make my eyes roll back in my head, and throw my body into spasms that make it difficult to turn the thing off sometimes. I love it…best investment I ever made. I recommend it to any guy who wants to have accommodations on demand…wonderful.”
~D. M.