Sapiosexuality: What do you need to know about it?

By on February 1, 2022

What Is Sapiosexuality and How You Can Make Yourself Attractive to One

What is sapiosexuality? It is a fairly new term in the world of sexual attraction, so many don’t yet know about it. The word itself has Latin origins, with the root word being “sapiens,” that is, “wise.” The other part, “sexualis,” obviously means “sexual.” But what does this mean exactly? And, how can you make yourself attractive to a sapiosexual person? Let’s find out. 

What Is a Sapiosexual Person?

Certain people are sexually attracted to certain parts of the body. For sapiosexuals, in particular, it is the brain. As in the intelligence of the person they interact with. They are aroused by displays of intelligence more than the outer appearances of the people.

Furthermore, anyone who has a deep love of knowledge more than the rest of the body or personality can be a sapiosexual. This includes members of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as heterosexuals. It is the personality and deep conversations that draw them in and keep them interested.  

However, the level of intelligence a sapiosexual is attracted to depends on the individual. So, you learning all the facts about something may not be a turn-on for them if it is a topic they are not interested in. For example, a sapiosexual may prefer emotional intelligence over trivia. Or they may be attractive to someone who is really into movies as much as they are. 

Finding common ground is key to any relationship. You do not have to be a “big brain know-it-all” to be attractive. All you need to do is know a lot about their interests and be willing to learn and engage in deep conversations. And sapiosexuals can be sexually active, but again it depends on the individual.  

Who Do Sapiosexual People Like the Most?

A person who is drawn to intelligence loves to have deep conversations where they can discuss important topics and interests to them. They are not fans of small talk that much. Furthermore, they like people who are willing to learn, think, question, and debate.  

A sapiosexual person is not as interested in the physical appearance of their partner as long as they can philosophize and entertain many ideas. The willingness to learn something new or to explore ideas, theories, etc., is a huge turn-on for them. Therefore, it would be safe to say that they are looking for someone also interested in learning.   

However, a sapiosexual person does not only need a conversation partner. They can also be attractive to an active listener. A person who may not talk their ear off can still hit the nail on the head with one sentence. Again, sapiosexuals are individuals; equating them all is not a wise idea. 

Another aspect of attraction is how their potential partners handle their own emotions. They like people who rationalize their feelings by not letting the emotions take over, resulting in them going off the deep end or exploding. 

One very important aspect of dating a sapiosexual — well, this applies to everyone — is that you are your true self with them. Do not pretend to be smarter than you are or to speak big in an attempt to impress them. They, and anyone else, will see through it. 

Things Not to Do with a Sapiosexual Person

Since willingness to learn can be a big turn-on for sapiosexuals, unwillingness to do the same is one of the things not to do with a sapiosexual person. There can be other things that you should avoid if you wish to date a person who values intellect a lot, a lot more than anything else. Such as: 


  • Using bad grammar while chatting.
  • Pushing them to be a genius. 
  • Staying clear of cultural monuments, workshops, lectures, tours, galleries, etc. 
  • Letting them win at board/video games. They would like the challenge and to see how you think as well as play.
  • Bringing them to a noisy place, i.e., a nightclub, if they are not interested in it.
  • Pretending to be smarter than you are.
  • Demining them due to their prefaces. 

When dating a sapiosexual person, the best way to treat them as if they are just a person that likes deep, meaningful conversations. That should be a standard. Therefore, do not overthink it, and improve your listening skills as well as your willingness to learn. Sapiosexuals like to share knowledge. Hence, their desire for debates and learning new things. 

Some Famous Sapiosexuals

Yes, there are famous, real-life sapiosexuals, such as Marlène Schiappa, the French equality minister, or the author George Eliot (according to reports, an ex-lover at the time described her as “morbidly intellectual”). 

However, there are more well-known fictional characters that you may have read about but had no idea they were sapiosexuals. Just think of Holden from “Catcher in the Rye.”  

There are moments in the novel where Holden interacts with women but without the draw of physical intimacy and sex. He is more interested in making conversations as well as sharing emotional burdens. Another fictional character that fits the terms is Sherlock Holmes. While his romantic connections are minor, there is one woman that is smart enough to impress and outwit him: Irene Adler.  

For the men, an example of a sapiosexual woman in films is Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” This book-smart woman only began to give the beast a chance when he showed his intelligence through literature instead of his strength like Gaston. Belle is the perfect example of how not being a “know it all” and having knowledge in at least one aspect (in this case, literature) is a turn-on for sapiosexuals. 

How to Turn On a Sapiosexual

When it comes to turning on a sapiosexual, you would have to use a different type of foreplay. One of the ways is to talk to them in detail about your foreplay plans, even your fantasies. Also, speak about how they generally make you feel.  


Another important aspect is taking into account what they are interested in. If they are more into TV shows, then line up one for you two to watch together. If you want to get freaky, you can also pick something new in the same area to show that you are trying to lead them to new knowledge. You can also try reading to them, playing a board game with a twist that you made up.   


The idea is to put effort into showing your intelligence and even your creativity if they are into that. The way to their bed is by using what you have outside of your body, both literally and metaphorically. If they have a favorite podcast, give it a listen with them and open up a discussion. You can even pretend to host your own as a type of role-playing. Furthermore, you can do a project with them, like writing a short story or sharing ideas for one. 


This may be a long-haul foreplay plan, but you will learn what they like, and they will also learn what you are into. At the start, it may take a while, but with time you will get a list going, which can make it easier for both of you. But never stop learning with them! A big turn-on can also be for them to teach you something. 

Final Note

Dating a sapiosexual is just putting your intelligence at the forefront while being yourself. There is no secret formula to winning them over as with any other type of person. Take a deep breath, find common interests, and send them a text. You never know till you try, and no list of facts about sapiosexuality can beat first-hand experience!

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Why Smart Men Are So Hot!

By on June 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered why smart men are always hot? Here, we have a few exciting facts to share with you.

They’re Great at Conversation

One of the best things about intelligent, hot men is that you can talk with them about anything. They are often educated, they understand how things work, and all you need to do is pick a topic. 


But even if you don’t pick a topic, have no fear. Being smart usually means that they have no problems starting the conversation by themselves. You will be able to learn many new and different things, and it will be amazing regardless of the topic.  

They Have a Thirst for Knowledge and New Experiences

Smart men always want to learn more. They won’t stop after getting a degree or after learning more about the current interest. Being smart means that the person will always look for more, and they will keep searching for a way to increase their knowledge. 


And things will rarely get dull with them. An intelligent person will keep seeking new experiences and ways to evolve as a person. With each new accomplishment, they will have a better idea of what they are, and what they want to achieve. 

You Can Learn From Them

Another advantage of having a smart man as your partner is that you will be able to learn so much from them. And that is one of the things that apply to both men and women. If your potential mate is a genius, it will motivate you to pursue your career and learn more about your interests. 


Having a partner that motivates you to be a better person is one of the best experiences you can have in a relationship. It is also one of the main reasons why smart people are attractive to both men and women. They will also be able to explain complex problems that would otherwise be unsolvable.

They Can Fix Things for You

If something breaks down, you won’t need to call anyone. On the contrary, your man will be able to fix it in a blink of an eye. Smart men are great with all types of devices. So, you won’t need any help from the outside if your PC breaks down, and the same thing applies to nearly any device in your house. 


Of course, having someone that can fix anything is not the primary reason to date them, but it is a nice addition to the relationship.  

They’re Funny

Being smart usually means that the person will also have a sense of humor. While this is not the case with 100% of all smart men, there is a high chance they will be able to make you laugh. 


Your partner will recognize the perfect moment to crack a joke, and their knowledge of pop culture will be incomparable. Having someone in your life that can make you laugh is important for both long-term and short-term relationships. 

They Make Reading Look Hot

Men who read are hot. There’s no doubt about it. What is interesting here is that they possess a unique quality to make reading look hot. And it doesn’t matter what is the book of choice at the moment. They could be reading a book about thermodynamics, “The Great Gatsby,” or anything in between. 


The results will be nearly identical. We live in a time and age of modern technologies. Everything is available online, and all you need to do is click on it. This is why it’s so hot seeing someone read an actual book. It is not a common sight, and when you see something like this, you’ll understand how attractive it is. 

They’re Creative With Affection

It is always good to hear someone say, “I love you.” It is a beautiful sentence. However, sometimes, it can sound a bit corny. Maybe it’s thanks to all the movies and pop culture. Whatever the answer might be, you won’t need to worry about it at all. A smart man will find a way to show you his affection, and they will get creative during the process. 


They always seem to find a unique way to show how much they care about you, and it is exciting to see what they will do next. It might be a quote from other famous people, or they will surprise you in a different way. One thing is certain — they will rarely repeat themselves.  

They Have Other Interests They Probably Also Win At

Being book-smart is not the only thing they offer. Yes, it is great to be educated and well-read, but they can achieve so much more. It is not rare to see an intelligent guy who is into sports, playing the guitar, or any other hobby you can imagine.


The best thing about it is that there is a high chance they will be good at it as well. So, if having a university diploma is not enough, you should know that they know many other things as well. 

They Have Ambition

It is not a secret that women love confident men. We all know it, and intelligent men have plenty of it. But another important thing they have is ambition. They can spend hours talking to you about their dreams and goals, but they won’t stop at that. A smart guy will do his best to achieve those goals, which can often be as big as his brains. 


These dreams can be about their jobs, hobbies, or anything else. At the end of the day, you can be sure that they will succeed in it and nearly everything they get their hands on. 

They’re Just Sexy — Literally

Smart men are sexy in every single way. They know how to talk, how to seduce, and even what to do in the bedroom. Their confidence will do the majority of work, and you can guarantee that there won’t be a single dull day in your relationship. 


And the best thing is that they won’t be afraid to try new things in bed, and their open-mindedness and willingness to experiment will drive you crazy.

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Is It Costly To Treat Latex Allergy?

By on January 9, 2019

Even though latex is a natural product, there are people whose immune systems are hypersensitive when they come into contact with this substance – these people are affected by a latex allergy.

The human body is allergic and hypersensitive to some substances it comes into contact with. For example on latex a substance found in nature, obtained from the rubber tree and called natural rubber or natural latex. It is also produced synthetically, but comes in both it’s naturally in the artificial form as a trigger for an allergy in question. The skin is usually reddened at the point of contact, it burns and it causes severe itching.

In a latex allergy

The contact with latex products should be avoided at all costs. Latex is found in many products such as disposable gloves, protective gloves, pacifiers, baby bottles, slip socks, rubber bands, and rubber pads for mattresses or diapers, balloons, hot water bottles, condoms and in many medical products. In Germany, two percent of the population suffers from such or a similar allergy. Especially in the last 30 years, the number of those affected has increased rapidly. Meanwhile, the latex allergy is one of the most common occupational allergies. When you want to know How to treat an allergic reaction to latex then the following answers start coming up.

Latex allergies are relatively common in the population, with people who come in contact with the material professionally, are affected more often than average. It is an allergic reaction either to certain additives in latex materials or to proteins in natural latex. The typical symptoms of a latex allergy such as skin redness, hives, irritation of eyes and respiratory tract or even an allergic shock are similar to those that occur in allergies to other triggers. Final clarity can createan allergytest. In addition to the treatment of acute allergy symptoms in the latex allergy is mainly the avoidance of contact with natural latex in the foreground, which requires a high degree of attention because of the widespread use of the material.

Natural latex is found in everyday life in a variety of forms – from balloons and work gloves on door seals to condoms, quite apart from the numerous uses in the medical field. But as helpful and versatile as the material is, it has such a problematic effect on some people. Because latex can trigger a serious allergy.

Symptoms of a latex allergy

A latex allergy can be divided into two types of allergies:

Type 1, the “immediate type”:  In this type of latex allergy the body produces antibodies to certain proteins when in contact with natural latex.

Type 2 ” latex: In this type of latex allergy, additives such as dyes and antioxidants are the cause of the allergy. The allergic reaction usually occurs about twelve hours after contact with the allergen. The immune system falsely considers the additives to be dangerous and tries to ward off them. As a result, there is an allergic reaction of the skin.

The symptoms on contact express themselves with itchy rash, big red welts that spread quickly on the body. Even swelling of the eyelids, watery eyes and a runny nose can be triggered. Throat pain to respiratory distress and anaphylactic shock can be the consequences. Especially as a doctor, you are often affected by this allergy. Since in the practice regularly powdered latex gloves are used. These gloves are particularly dangerous because the powder whirls up the allergenic substances. Sneezing attacks and coughing irritations to circulatory problems are usually the consequences. If the allergic person does not prevent contact, there is a risk that chronic eczema will develop. This allergic eczema is typical of contact allergies.

If you have a diagnosis of allergy, you should try to avoid natural latex and other products. But since the latex content is not specified in many items, it is difficult to detect all pathogens immediately. It is particularly common in the following products:

  • condoms
  • diaphragm
  • balloons
  • Baby Pacifiers
  • chewing gum
  • Disposable gloves and cleaning gloves
  • mattresses
  • adhesives
  • balloons
  • Shoes
  • car tire

Diagnose latex allergy

To properly diagnose a latex allergy, a visit to a doctor is inevitable. One of the best known allergy tests that give particularly fast and very reliable results is the prick test. First, your skin is scratched – almost always on the forearm – slightly. Subsequently, the allergens are applied in liquid form to this site. After just a quarter of an hour, the result is set. In the case of a latex allergy, swelling or at least redness is found at the test site. The RAST test also helps to provide a fast and reliable diagnosis. With him, a blood test, in which it is determined whether antibodies are in the blood. However, this test is not quite as meaningful as the prick test. Often a so-called provocation test is carried out. It is simply a latex glove dressed in the presence of the doctor. Thus, skin changes or circulatory problems can be recognized immediately.

So you can treat a latex allergy

Of course, the best protection against symptoms is to completely avoid the allergen, in this case latex. Latex-free gloves or latex-free condoms are a good alternative. If you often come into contact with latex products in your profession, you can contact the company doctor or the professional association. Bypassing latex is not that easy, since latex-containing products are found everywhere in everyday life. And the items or materials are usually not or only insufficiently marked. The more often the immune system comes into contact with it, the faster it responds excessively to latex. If you know of your allergy, then you should pay attention to the use of latex-free products, as far as possible.

If you have ever come in contact with latex, help antihistamines, which inhibit the formation of histamine, which are responsible for the immune reactions. Other medications in turn stabilize the circulation. Latex-free gloves or latex-free condoms are now available on the market, helping to prevent dangerous allergies. Even if you want to get a new mattress, you should make sure that it is latex free. Visit https://laidtex.com/ for more details.


A treatment with drugs is possible. There are various ingredients that help to relieve the symptoms. Treatment with antihistamines inhibits the formation of so-called histamines. Histamines are released by the body during a reaction and promote the allergic reaction. Also, cortisone (as ointments or tablet) can help to strangle the immune system.

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Homemade Sex Toys For Women

By on January 2, 2019

No money for expensive sex toys but you still does not want to do without it, then here are the idea for Home made sex toys for women. Look at the internet and look for the following do-it-yourself alternatives for you.


For the woman to tinker for yourself

First of all, no matter what should be used for what – it must be ensured that it has no sharp edges on the one hand and on the other hand, a condom should always be covered. If you observe these two basic rules, you can plunge into the pleasure quite unabashedly.

For all women looking for a sex toy replacement for something vibrating, the electric toothbrush could be the first choice. Available everywhere, lots of power and easy to handle.

Looking for a slightly different calendar for a sparkling Advent season? Then try it with an erotic advent calendar. What is there for a calendar, where to buy it and what is in it, you will learn in our contribution.

The handle in the vegetable basket for the dildo replacement

For the penis or dildo replacement, there are many variants. A popular place where women (or even men) can find what they are looking for is the kitchen. From banana to cucumber to zucchini – nothing is safe in the search for satisfaction. Very important: wash and condom cover. Except for the peeled cucumber – which can incidentally also ensure a healthy vaginal flora. If there are no suitable items at hand, then tinkering is announced – is also very easy.

For the special tingle, woman can also form an ice dildo . As a supplement : the condom before filling, best in a cardboard roll attach (kitchen paper or toilet paper) so that it gets a suitable shape. After freezing, the condom should also be left, as frozen skin in the area is rather unpleasant. It is also helpful to rinse the dildo with cold water to remove any residue.

The home-made for the man

The classic: the pocket pussy for men in various designs. For example, consisting of a condom in the sponge or a plastic cup with two sponges. Save special offers while stocks last: Orion – 100% erotic

For the slightly more sparkling experience, small balls (those that swell up in the water) and corn kernels can also be added. Alternatively, man can also manage with a towel, a rubber glove and a sock.

Sex toys can be easily built with just a few household items, such as fruit or latex disposable gloves. Furthermore, DIY sex toys are becoming more and more of a trend. Therefore, the erotic blog gives many creative suggestions, tips and simple instructions through which you can build sex toys yourself.

And if you do not want to tinker but do not want to do without sex toys, we recommend a look in our shop. There you will find many sex toys such as dildos, masturbators, dilators or a vibrator. Equally interesting could be a penis print set, which you can use to make dildos based on your own penis or your partner’s penis.

Build actual posts about sex toys yourself:

Only recently did we deal with the topic “building a dildo”employed. Today we are dedicated to the counterpart for men – the pocket pussy. A pocket pussy is ideal as a change while masturbating. The slightly different structures and the feeling of penetrating the penis stimulate the imagination. Singles or men, whose partner is away for a few days, enjoy the variety and the moister and realistic feel of the joy donor. You are still unsure whether a pocket pussy is right for you or have discovered the good piece while surfing the Internet and now you get over the desire? No problem! We have collected some instructions and tell you how you can easily build a pocket pussy in no time. True to the motto: even the man is – here in two ways.

Do it yourself: With these household items to the masturbator

Anyone who walks through its four walls with open eyes will discover many things that can be seen as a masturbator are suitable. But caution is advised here – openings made of glass have an inviting effect, but they can quickly become trapped by an evolving vacuum. Even with the vacuum cleaner care is needed – no woman in the world would suck so much!

If you need to go fast, we recommend using three condoms filling or small balloons with warm water. A towel is wrapped around these and fixed with a rubber. Even old inflated water wings are suitable for masturbating. Here, the pressure can be varied individually. These are quick fixes, but if you bring some time and a little skill, his pocket pussy simply builds itself. A self-made masturbator is often more realistic and stable than individual objects.

Simple pocket pussy made of tea towel

This self-made masturbator can be used in just a few minutes. The materials should be in a well-stocked household without any problems: You need:

  • A tea towel
  • Elastic sock with cuffs
  • A disposable glove
  • Lubricant

That’s how it’s done:

Spread the dish towel on a table. Now you fold the tea towel on the long side once to the middle. Once there you fold the towel again in the middle.

The glove is now placed on the tea towel. The fingertips of the glove point towards the folded edge of the towel. The latex glove should protrude above and below the tea towel.

The glove is rolled up in the dishcloth. The tighter you roll the glove, the tighter the pocket pussy will be later. Adjust the tightness to the diameter of your penis.

Now put the open glove over the towel. For stability, the tea towel is put into the sock until just before the opening. In the next step you fill the resulting hole with lubricant and off you go!

Man’s world at Orion

A equally fast made pocket pussy, which even comes visually close to a real vagina – the pocket pussy in the glass. You need:

  • Tall glass, e.g. latte-macchiato glass
  • Two household sponges, normal or with structure
  • Condom
  • A rubber or tape
  • Lube

That’s how it’s done:

Hold the two sponges with the soft side inwards and insert them into the glass. Alternatively, a yogurt cup can be used, but the glass gives more stability.

Now two labia have already been created visually. In the slot between the sponges the condom is plugged.

The end of the condom is placed over the edge of the glass and fixed with adhesive tape. Already a handy vagina has been built. Now you just need a little lubrication and imagination.

The pocket pussy from the chip box

This self-made pocket pussy visually comes closest to the masturbators you can buy. Thanks to the lid, it can be stored dust-free and thus provides multiple funs! You need:

  • Chips can, alternatively a tennis ball tube
  • Condom, alternatively a rinsing glove
  • Flat sponges or solid cotton wool as filling
  • Hair Bands

That’s how it’s done:

Three of the flat household sponges are arranged in a triangle. These are inserted into the empty chip box, but not yet fully pushed.

A disposable glove or condom is now placed in the middle of the sponges, which are still peeking out of the box. In the next step, the sponges are pushed to the end of the box, the glove or condom is held while.

Three more sponges are now put back around glove or condom and also put into the chip box. Condom or gloves are slipped over the edge of the box. This creates a long erotic pleasure channel.

At the bottom of the chip box, two small holes are drilled with the cutter. These ensure that the air inside the chip package can escape.

Now the good piece can withstand a little lubrication of the first masturbation. For those who would like to have a bit more structure, there is the following tip: Before the sponges are put into the chip box, with the help of hair elastics a groove shape can be created. For each 1-3 hair elastics are placed over each of the sponges – with this variant of the pocket pussy comes so quickly no boredom! For more info, visit https://lovegasm.co/.

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Yoni Eggs 101: How To Properly Insert a Yoni Egg To Avoid Mishap

By on December 18, 2018

Yoni and heart chakra vibrate in the same rhythm. Stone includes those elements that improve metabolism in the body. The person begins to grow old due to the fact that his metabolism is disturbed. With the help of Yoni, it is restored; as a result, the body remains young and healthy. That is why the Yoni eggs for training intimate muscles affects the vaginal muscles and make the whole body work properly. Yoni gives feminine strength and health.

What is the use of Yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs strengthen muscles of the vagina well. They are made of natural stone; it is polished smoothly, so that it takes the form of an egg. Also in the simulators may be special holes for the ropes. Ropes are pulled through the holes, and the ends are fastened to the clothes. This is necessary so that when the egg falls out of the vagina, it does not file, but simply hang.

Result and effect of Yoni eggs

Yoni eggs align the energy of a woman called Yin. Products have a lot of useful properties. When a woman trains the intimate muscles, her energy level increases, she becomes sensual and sexy. If a woman is constantly trained, then it becomes very easy to give birth to her. The body is restored very quickly, the breaks are completely absent.

In ancient times, various female diseases, cysts, erosion, inflammation, infertility and uterus prolapsed were treated with Yoni eggs. The micro flora of the vagina becomes normal and healthy, increases the immunity of the whole organism. Exercises with Yoni eggs help to attract the attention of the opposite sex. A woman begins to feel unknown emotions, becomes more sensitive in intimate life, and ceases to be frigid.

Why products are made in the form of eggs?

Intimate simulators are made in the form of eggs for a reason. It is the egg that is magical; it fully corresponds to the aura of the person himself. The egg is a symbol of the infinity of the universe. The muscles of the vagina strengthen and develop precisely because of this form of the product. The main thing is that Yoni should be of high quality and natural. That is why when purchasing a simulator you should not chase for cheapness. After all, quality products cannot be too cheap. Well, if they have holes, then the egg will become even more expensive, because it is incredibly difficult to make them.

How to use Yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs are great for practicing women’s practices. It is recommended to immediately purchase a set of three products. They are a bit like dumbbells, with all three eggs having different weights. If it is easy for a woman to practice with the smallest egg, you still need to periodically use a large one and make efforts so that the muscles become more trained. If you have the same query that Can yoni eggs fall out, then according to experts proper insertion does not cause any issue.

How to start classes?

It is recommended to start using the largest and heaviest egg. After all, a woman should feel good product inside. If this does not happen, then this does not mean that there will be no further sensitivity. Gradually, the sensitivity will return and the sensations will become more unusual and pleasant. Gradually, you need to move to smaller eggs, so that the vagina felt foreign objects clearly.

Intimate gymnastics

In order to use Yoni eggs correctly, you need to be aware of some basic rules. If the vaginal muscles have never been subjected to stress, then you should first practice them a little. You need to do them for some time, and then start training. When training, you need to develop the pelvic floor muscles, make them more elastic.

First, the woman will feel unpleasant painful sensations, but then everything will pass. Also, with weak muscles of the vagina, the egg will not be held there, but will constantly fall out. To Yoni egg properly moved through the vagina, and the micro flora remained in order, you need to know that the muscles are divided into several zones, the urethral, anal and vaginal sphincter.

Well, if a person does not know how to separate them, then the muscles can ache and overload. In order to draw the egg well and quickly, work with the diaphragm is necessary. The meaning of classes is to treat various diseases of the reproductive system and increase sensitivity, which is why you need to practice classes with eggs very carefully and correctly.

How to start using eggs?

For a start, you should definitely heat the Yoni products in your hands, at the same time you should reduce and relax the muscles of the vagina. It is recommended to start the practice with the very large egg, because it is much more difficult to work with a small one the first time you need to enter into the vagina egg no more than two hours. You can simply walk with the product or try to do your own thing. The main thing is to make the body accustomed to the product. It is advisable to first use Yoni eggs only at home. It is recommended to practice lying down first.

You need to enter one egg from the set inside the vagina, but do not exercise for too long. Need to do so that the muscles get used to the tension gradually. If a woman feels tired, then you should not continue training, otherwise there will be no effect. When holding an egg inside is not difficult, you can already begin to practice standing.

A woman should push an egg out of her and be able to pull it inward. The main thing is not to use the abdominal muscles, so as not to harm the health; you should use only vaginal muscles. When the muscles become already elastic, then you can begin classes with a medium egg. It is possible to subsequently use the Yoni trainer at night or at work. The main thing is not to forget that it is inside.

Yoni Egg Use

The egg should first be inserted into the vagina at a shallow depth, and the other hand to hold the cord. All this should be done lying down. You can use a variety of intimate lubrication, so that the penetration does not cause pain. It is necessary to shorten the crotch, and the anus begins to drag inward. The egg is set in motion, the cord is stretched, and the woman clearly feels it.

After that, you need to relax to the maximum level so that the egg returns to its original position. It should be pulled out almost completely from the vagina, but try to make sure that it does not come out completely. The standing position also includes some exercises. You should stand up straight and relax your legs. Introduce the egg into the vagina and begin to contract the vaginal muscles. The anus retracts inside; in the stomach begin barely perceptible attempts. Then you should relax and try to push out the egg, but not completely. At first, a woman may not feel the egg inside herself at all, and then the sensations become stronger. Visit https://yonieggs.co/ for more info.

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Sherlock Fantasies

By on October 26, 2018

Less than a month ago you had moved into 221B Baker Street, and life wasn’t as bad as you though it would be there. Actually it was amazing. At first you were weary about living with the infamous Holmes and Watson but after realising how you felt for Sherlock, and how he felt for you, life never had a dull moment.

It all started one afternoon, John was out on a date, Mrs Hudson was at a book club that she joined leaving you and Sherlock alone in the flat. The evening was quiet until Sherlock started to ask you questions, some very personal. You went along with it for a while but eventually got bored of it so confronted him about his sudden interest in you life. He told you that he wanted to know more about you, wanted to find out what made you tick, what made you happy. He began to apologise for it, saying that he didn’t wish to offend you, but as he spoke you snuck up to his, crashing your lips onto his. He was slow at first but soon started to respond. After that moment, Sherlock had started performing little ‘experiments’ on you. First he fucked you over the counter in the kitchen with very little warning. Then he fingered you under a blanket while Lestrade and John were discussing a case, causing you to cum on his hand, twice.

That’s what brought you to here and now, laid out on his bed, arms bound to the head board. Your eyes were covered by his famous scarf, stopping you seeing what he was doing. You felt a little self conscious laying out in his bed in nothing but your panties but in the same way felt proud that he had chosen you. It wasn’t like the infamous Sherlock Holmes had sex with people a lot. Your were brought to attention by the sound of foot steps coming closer to the bed. A smooth hand ran down your stomach, stopping just before it reached where you wanted it. You moaned as it stopped, bucking you hips trying to get him closer to your core.

‘Uh uh uh.’ Sherlock spoke, the smirk he was wearing evident in his voice. ‘Your tied up. Its up to me what happens now.’ You moaned as he said this, Sherlock would only do what he wanted to do and you knew it. He wouldn’t give in to you. Sherlock leant down over you, attacking your lips with his, which you happily returned. His tongue slipped across your lips, asking for permission which you gladly accepted. You fought for dominance, slipping your tongues over each other’s, but you gave him the lead.

As he kissed you his hand started to massage your breasts, pulling gently at your peaks until they hardened.
‘Ah!’ You squeaked, enjoying the feel of his hands on you. He didn’t respond, not in a way you could see anyway. His hands turned to the other breast, repeating what he had before. His lips pulled away from yours, attaching themselves onto your nipple that he had just pulled about. As a cry left your lips, you felt him smirk against your breast as he lightly bit the top. He pulled away, ‘You like that? Oh I bet you do. Tell me, do you like that?’ He said before attaching onto the other breast repeating what he had done before.

‘Y-yes,’ you replied in a breathy moan. When he was finished he pulled away before trailing wet kisses down your stomach, stopping at the top of your panties. He leant back a bit, enjoying the view. A long finger ran across the fabric of your panties, causing your hips to arch into the touch in search of more friction. Sherlock wasn’t going to let that happen though so he pulled his hand away.

‘Ah. Look at you, horny and desperate beneath me,’ he removed your panties slowly, allowing his fingers to trail down your leg as he went. His hand came back up, his fingers dancing against the sensitive skin on your thighs. His hand stopped short of your pulsing core, you whined in annoyance. ‘Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll give you what you want. I just want to have some fun with you first,’ his voice was laced with lust as he said this.

The bed moved as he got up, alerting you to the fact he had left. You heard his gentle steps plodding round on the wooden floor. A soft sliding sound came from the other side of the room. It sounded like a draw being opened. The placid tapping of his feet told you that he was coming back towards you, the bed dipping as he sat back down.

‘I have two gifts for you,’ he pulled down the blind fold that prevented you from seeing the man who made you feel more alive then ever. As your eyes came back into focus you took him in; his purple shirt clung to his chest, his sleeves rolled up to the elbow. In his hand were two things: a vibrator and what looked like a dildo, only smaller. A wicked grin was on his face as he noticed your expression. ‘Don’t worry, baby girl. Your going to like it I promise. See…’ He trailed off, his eyes wandering up and down your now naked body. As his blue hues meet yours he smirked again, seeing the desperation that was hidden in your eyes. He continued where he left off, ‘See, when I fuck you, I want you too feel the best you can. So, this,’ he held the bullet vibrator in his hand towards, turning it into a gentle humming buzz in his palm, ‘is going to go right here.’ Slowly he pushed the toy against your clit, a wonderful buzz pouring through your core. You moaned and squirmed under it, wanting to get more into you. He pulled away seeing how excited you were getting no under its touch. ‘You can’t have that until I’ve given you this.’ He set the bullet vibrator aside, holding up what was in the other hand. It dawned on you what it was filling you with worry, but you defiantly weren’t going to say no. ‘Do you want this? Feel this in your tight ass while I fuck your pussy? Such a naughty little girl aren’t you. You like being filled don’t you?’ He asked, leaning over he to the side to get the lube. You only nodded you response, which he disapproved off. ‘Uh uh uh. Use your words.’ He smiled at you before pulling the tie back up to cover your eyes.

‘Y-yes.’ You replied in a moan.

‘Good girl,’ Sherlock smirked again as he covered the toy in his hand in the lube. ‘But because you didn’t use your words, I’m going to take away your ability to see.’ With the last syllable out you felt a push against the muscle of your arse, causing you to contact the muscles. ‘Relax, baby girl. Just relax. I promise it will be nice,’ you did as asked, allowing your lower half to become floppy. ‘Good girl,’ he replied noticing hot visible relaxation. He pushed the toy in further, stretching you out as it went. It was sore at first but once it had bottomed out, the base firmly seated between your arse cheeks, the pain became pleasure. You moved your hips, adjusting to this foreign yet wonderful feel. ‘Well done.’ Sherlock whispered, the bed moving as he got up. You heard the gently pat of his shirt hitting the floor, then the heavy thud of his belt accompanied by the light plonk of his trousers. The bed dipped again, the dip moving as he moved to between your legs. A hand ran up the inside of your thigh, collecting your womanly juices. You heard him hum when he pulled back, ‘Mmm princess you taste perfect.’ You blushed a bit.

His hand found your hips, carefully moving you ups little. He rubbed his cock against your folds, slicking himself up a little before pushing into you and starting a relenting pace giving you no time to adjusts. You by your lip, trying to contain the cries of pleasure when his hand came down on the tops of your thighs.

‘Ahh!’ You cried out, not in pain. No no, this was not pain but pleasure. You cried out because you didn’t expect it.
‘Don’t hide your pretty little noises from me, sweet,’ Sherlock stopped his thrusting briefly as he reached over for the small vibrator. He turned it on and pressed it against your clit, watching as you squirmed under its touch. ‘Good girl.’

He kept thrusting hard, the bullets intensity being increased every now and then. Your started to feel the tightening in your stomach, knowing what was coming you sighed out his name. With a kiss, Sherlock allowed you to release, you walls clenching around him as your screamed. You rode out your orgasm, feeling Sherlock find his end as he came inside you. He kept thrusting until you were done, pulling out only when he was soft. You sighed, feeling exhausted and yet packed with adrenaline.

‘Aren’t you going to untie me,’ you asked, feeling the bed shift as Sherlock go off, his soft pattering on the floor.
‘You thought we were done?’ Sherlock sounded closers. A sharp pain when through your chest as he attached a peg to you nipple. Soon the pain became pleasure, and he did the same to the other. ‘I’m not even half way to being done.’

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Benedict Cumberbatch Describing Sex With Sherlock Will Get You All Hot And Bothered

By on October 9, 2018

Have you ever imagined having sex with Benedict Cumberbatch‘s version of Sherlock Holmes? Actually don’t answer that — I know we all have, and I don’t want you to lie to me. Just say the words ‘yes a thousand times yes’ aloud, and then come along with me as Benedict describes what sex with Sherlock would be like. This is not a drill.

It’s basically as if our dear old Bennybatch got on the internet, saw that people were, um, curious about what sex with him would be like, and then decided to fulfill each and every one of our fantasies for ever and ever by talking us through it one spine-tingling moment at a time. Oral sex or maybe something other than your spine is tingling. I don’t know. The only thought that’s consistent in my brain now that I’ve read and re-read this interview that he gave to Elle UK about sex with Sherlock is…’I think I need to lie down’. The thought is hard to imagine but there’s even more bizarre, having sex in public while wearing pigs mask. Over the top act of sexual fantasy that deserve their genitals to be locked up.

“You know I’d get the, I’d probably test the latex, if it involved prophylactics, beforehand. I’d do a little experiment to do with durability, length, girth, and um, strength. And um, I would probably take a lot of vitamin supplements to make sure that I could perform, and had had my sleep, and probably not had many cigarettes. Or drink, for that matter. Not that he does drink.”

Hi sorry to vanish like that, my stomach just dropped out of my body for a moment. Somewhere between the words ‘girth’ and ‘strength’, I think I may have blacked out.

“I would probably watch a lot of porn…I might have to shave, um, areas to fit in with a modern idea of bodily hair.”

Okay sure, hint taken, you have hair down there I dig. BUT THERE’S MORE.

“And then I would be devastating. I’d know exactly how to please a woman, I’d know exactly where to put my fingers, where to put my tongue, where to put my — his, I should say — his fingers, his tongue. Think about violinists, think about what they can do with their fingers.”

The word ‘devastating’, you guys. Devastating. I can’t even begin to address the rest of it, because everything from the pronoun confusion to the fact that BENEDICT IS FULL-ON CYBERING WITH US has me in a bit of a tizzy.

“I’d know exactly how to get that person into it, and get pleasure out of making that person feel pleasure to the point that I probably wouldn’t even have to enter…But when I did it would be explosive.”

Honestly just sitting here staring at that last sentence. Don’t even know how to address it. Will probably just sit here perfectly still until I faint and topple over, at which point I’ll be relying on one of you (or John Watson????) to fetch me my smelling salts.

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Sexual Fantasies – Impressive details here!

By on October 8, 2018

So you are sharing your bed with a partner from the last several years? You will able to know that the sleeping habits of your partner. If you want to create strong bonding with a partner, then you must share sexual fantasies with him.

Most of the experts claim that, after sharing fantasies with a partner, you can understand their feelings. Make sure that you are sharing everything like as objectives and other things as well. Nowadays, most of the people are looking for Sherlock fangirl’s erotic safe for work fantasies site lol – SFW.

Most of the people have different fantasies such as the romantic and incredible location where they can do sex. After sharing everything with your partner, one can grab everything in terms of blowjob, romance, and other things. However, other people want to sex with hot strangers. Therefore, they are fulfilling their sexual requirements by watching porn videos. Following are the common sexual Fantasies such as-

  • Threesomes

  • Stranger/domination

  • Outdoor sex

  • Voyeurism

  • Audio sex

Let’s discuss vital details about sexual Fantasies.

  1. Threesomes

Nowadays, the threesome has become one of the most popular and common Fantasy. Most of the girls always want to watch partner having sex with other girls. However, sometimes, you have to sex with two girls at the same time. According to professionals, most of the people, want to suck their boobs while doing the sex. It doesn’t matter what your motive is but threesome would be a reliable option for you.

  1. Outdoor sex

Everyone has different fantasies, and outdoor sex is one of them. According to our law, outdoor sex is utterly illegal; it is disturbing to the viewers. However, if you want to do sex in public then it would be quite dangerous for you.

Bear in mind that you will get arrested or you have to pay additional charges for it. It has become a common desire, but it seems impossible for everyone. If you like adventurous, then it would be an ideal option for you.

  1. Romantic and sensual

Most of the women’s want to create romantic scenes in a particular location. In general, most of the women are emotional. After starting a romance, they will lose control ease and become an ideal option of someone’s requirements. However, make sure that you are spending a lot of time on foreplay.

  1. Always safe

No doubt, if you want to do something adventurous in life but make sure that you aren’t doing against the law. However, after giving the blowjob, you should talk about the experience with your partner. If they are satisfied with you, then it would be better for you.

  1. Discuss with partner

If your desires are going uncontrolled, then you must discuss with your partner. You should discuss everything with your partner. After that, you must give a lot of time on Foreplay.

Ultimately, if you are searching Sherlock fangirl’s erotic safe for work fantasies site lol – SFW then you should search Fantasies. However, with the help of above-mentioned important points, you will able to grab important information about Fantasies.

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