Is It Costly To Treat Latex Allergy?

By on January 9, 2019

Even though latex is a natural product, there are people whose immune systems are hypersensitive when they come into contact with this substance – these people are affected by a latex allergy.

The human body is allergic and hypersensitive to some substances it comes into contact with. For example on latex a substance found in nature, obtained from the rubber tree and called natural rubber or natural latex. It is also produced synthetically, but comes in both it’s naturally in the artificial form as a trigger for an allergy in question. The skin is usually reddened at the point of contact, it burns and it causes severe itching.

In a latex allergy

The contact with latex products should be avoided at all costs. Latex is found in many products such as disposable gloves, protective gloves, pacifiers, baby bottles, slip socks, rubber bands, and rubber pads for mattresses or diapers, balloons, hot water bottles, condoms and in many medical products. In Germany, two percent of the population suffers from such or a similar allergy. Especially in the last 30 years, the number of those affected has increased rapidly. Meanwhile, the latex allergy is one of the most common occupational allergies. When you want to know How to treat an allergic reaction to latex then the following answers start coming up.

Latex allergies are relatively common in the population, with people who come in contact with the material professionally, are affected more often than average. It is an allergic reaction either to certain additives in latex materials or to proteins in natural latex. The typical symptoms of a latex allergy such as skin redness, hives, irritation of eyes and respiratory tract or even an allergic shock are similar to those that occur in allergies to other triggers. Final clarity can createan allergytest. In addition to the treatment of acute allergy symptoms in the latex allergy is mainly the avoidance of contact with natural latex in the foreground, which requires a high degree of attention because of the widespread use of the material.

Natural latex is found in everyday life in a variety of forms – from balloons and work gloves on door seals to condoms, quite apart from the numerous uses in the medical field. But as helpful and versatile as the material is, it has such a problematic effect on some people. Because latex can trigger a serious allergy.

Symptoms of a latex allergy

A latex allergy can be divided into two types of allergies:

Type 1, the “immediate type”:  In this type of latex allergy the body produces antibodies to certain proteins when in contact with natural latex.

Type 2 ” latex: In this type of latex allergy, additives such as dyes and antioxidants are the cause of the allergy. The allergic reaction usually occurs about twelve hours after contact with the allergen. The immune system falsely considers the additives to be dangerous and tries to ward off them. As a result, there is an allergic reaction of the skin.

The symptoms on contact express themselves with itchy rash, big red welts that spread quickly on the body. Even swelling of the eyelids, watery eyes and a runny nose can be triggered. Throat pain to respiratory distress and anaphylactic shock can be the consequences. Especially as a doctor, you are often affected by this allergy. Since in the practice regularly powdered latex gloves are used. These gloves are particularly dangerous because the powder whirls up the allergenic substances. Sneezing attacks and coughing irritations to circulatory problems are usually the consequences. If the allergic person does not prevent contact, there is a risk that chronic eczema will develop. This allergic eczema is typical of contact allergies.

If you have a diagnosis of allergy, you should try to avoid natural latex and other products. But since the latex content is not specified in many items, it is difficult to detect all pathogens immediately. It is particularly common in the following products:

  • condoms
  • diaphragm
  • balloons
  • Baby Pacifiers
  • chewing gum
  • Disposable gloves and cleaning gloves
  • mattresses
  • adhesives
  • balloons
  • Shoes
  • car tire

Diagnose latex allergy

To properly diagnose a latex allergy, a visit to a doctor is inevitable. One of the best known allergy tests that give particularly fast and very reliable results is the prick test. First, your skin is scratched – almost always on the forearm – slightly. Subsequently, the allergens are applied in liquid form to this site. After just a quarter of an hour, the result is set. In the case of a latex allergy, swelling or at least redness is found at the test site. The RAST test also helps to provide a fast and reliable diagnosis. With him, a blood test, in which it is determined whether antibodies are in the blood. However, this test is not quite as meaningful as the prick test. Often a so-called provocation test is carried out. It is simply a latex glove dressed in the presence of the doctor. Thus, skin changes or circulatory problems can be recognized immediately.

So you can treat a latex allergy

Of course, the best protection against symptoms is to completely avoid the allergen, in this case latex. Latex-free gloves or latex-free condoms are a good alternative. If you often come into contact with latex products in your profession, you can contact the company doctor or the professional association. Bypassing latex is not that easy, since latex-containing products are found everywhere in everyday life. And the items or materials are usually not or only insufficiently marked. The more often the immune system comes into contact with it, the faster it responds excessively to latex. If you know of your allergy, then you should pay attention to the use of latex-free products, as far as possible.

If you have ever come in contact with latex, help antihistamines, which inhibit the formation of histamine, which are responsible for the immune reactions. Other medications in turn stabilize the circulation. Latex-free gloves or latex-free condoms are now available on the market, helping to prevent dangerous allergies. Even if you want to get a new mattress, you should make sure that it is latex free. Visit https://laidtex.com/ for more details.


A treatment with drugs is possible. There are various ingredients that help to relieve the symptoms. Treatment with antihistamines inhibits the formation of so-called histamines. Histamines are released by the body during a reaction and promote the allergic reaction. Also, cortisone (as ointments or tablet) can help to strangle the immune system.

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Homemade Sex Toys For Women

By on January 2, 2019

No money for expensive sex toys but you still does not want to do without it, then here are the idea for Home made sex toys for women. Look at the internet and look for the following do-it-yourself alternatives for you.


For the woman to tinker for yourself

First of all, no matter what should be used for what – it must be ensured that it has no sharp edges on the one hand and on the other hand, a condom should always be covered. If you observe these two basic rules, you can plunge into the pleasure quite unabashedly.

For all women looking for a sex toy replacement for something vibrating, the electric toothbrush could be the first choice. Available everywhere, lots of power and easy to handle.

Looking for a slightly different calendar for a sparkling Advent season? Then try it with an erotic advent calendar. What is there for a calendar, where to buy it and what is in it, you will learn in our contribution.

The handle in the vegetable basket for the dildo replacement

For the penis or dildo replacement, there are many variants. A popular place where women (or even men) can find what they are looking for is the kitchen. From banana to cucumber to zucchini – nothing is safe in the search for satisfaction. Very important: wash and condom cover. Except for the peeled cucumber – which can incidentally also ensure a healthy vaginal flora. If there are no suitable items at hand, then tinkering is announced – is also very easy.

For the special tingle, woman can also form an ice dildo . As a supplement : the condom before filling, best in a cardboard roll attach (kitchen paper or toilet paper) so that it gets a suitable shape. After freezing, the condom should also be left, as frozen skin in the area is rather unpleasant. It is also helpful to rinse the dildo with cold water to remove any residue.

The home-made for the man

The classic: the pocket pussy for men in various designs. For example, consisting of a condom in the sponge or a plastic cup with two sponges. Save special offers while stocks last: Orion – 100% erotic

For the slightly more sparkling experience, small balls (those that swell up in the water) and corn kernels can also be added. Alternatively, man can also manage with a towel, a rubber glove and a sock.

Sex toys can be easily built with just a few household items, such as fruit or latex disposable gloves. Furthermore, DIY sex toys are becoming more and more of a trend. Therefore, the erotic blog gives many creative suggestions, tips and simple instructions through which you can build sex toys yourself.

And if you do not want to tinker but do not want to do without sex toys, we recommend a look in our shop. There you will find many sex toys such as dildos, masturbators, dilators or a vibrator. Equally interesting could be a penis print set, which you can use to make dildos based on your own penis or your partner’s penis.

Build actual posts about sex toys yourself:

Only recently did we deal with the topic “building a dildo”employed. Today we are dedicated to the counterpart for men – the pocket pussy. A pocket pussy is ideal as a change while masturbating. The slightly different structures and the feeling of penetrating the penis stimulate the imagination. Singles or men, whose partner is away for a few days, enjoy the variety and the moister and realistic feel of the joy donor. You are still unsure whether a pocket pussy is right for you or have discovered the good piece while surfing the Internet and now you get over the desire? No problem! We have collected some instructions and tell you how you can easily build a pocket pussy in no time. True to the motto: even the man is – here in two ways.

Do it yourself: With these household items to the masturbator

Anyone who walks through its four walls with open eyes will discover many things that can be seen as a masturbator are suitable. But caution is advised here – openings made of glass have an inviting effect, but they can quickly become trapped by an evolving vacuum. Even with the vacuum cleaner care is needed – no woman in the world would suck so much!

If you need to go fast, we recommend using three condoms filling or small balloons with warm water. A towel is wrapped around these and fixed with a rubber. Even old inflated water wings are suitable for masturbating. Here, the pressure can be varied individually. These are quick fixes, but if you bring some time and a little skill, his pocket pussy simply builds itself. A self-made masturbator is often more realistic and stable than individual objects.

Simple pocket pussy made of tea towel

This self-made masturbator can be used in just a few minutes. The materials should be in a well-stocked household without any problems: You need:

  • A tea towel
  • Elastic sock with cuffs
  • A disposable glove
  • Lubricant

That’s how it’s done:

Spread the dish towel on a table. Now you fold the tea towel on the long side once to the middle. Once there you fold the towel again in the middle.

The glove is now placed on the tea towel. The fingertips of the glove point towards the folded edge of the towel. The latex glove should protrude above and below the tea towel.

The glove is rolled up in the dishcloth. The tighter you roll the glove, the tighter the pocket pussy will be later. Adjust the tightness to the diameter of your penis.

Now put the open glove over the towel. For stability, the tea towel is put into the sock until just before the opening. In the next step you fill the resulting hole with lubricant and off you go!

Man’s world at Orion

A equally fast made pocket pussy, which even comes visually close to a real vagina – the pocket pussy in the glass. You need:

  • Tall glass, e.g. latte-macchiato glass
  • Two household sponges, normal or with structure
  • Condom
  • A rubber or tape
  • Lube

That’s how it’s done:

Hold the two sponges with the soft side inwards and insert them into the glass. Alternatively, a yogurt cup can be used, but the glass gives more stability.

Now two labia have already been created visually. In the slot between the sponges the condom is plugged.

The end of the condom is placed over the edge of the glass and fixed with adhesive tape. Already a handy vagina has been built. Now you just need a little lubrication and imagination.

The pocket pussy from the chip box

This self-made pocket pussy visually comes closest to the masturbators you can buy. Thanks to the lid, it can be stored dust-free and thus provides multiple funs! You need:

  • Chips can, alternatively a tennis ball tube
  • Condom, alternatively a rinsing glove
  • Flat sponges or solid cotton wool as filling
  • Hair Bands

That’s how it’s done:

Three of the flat household sponges are arranged in a triangle. These are inserted into the empty chip box, but not yet fully pushed.

A disposable glove or condom is now placed in the middle of the sponges, which are still peeking out of the box. In the next step, the sponges are pushed to the end of the box, the glove or condom is held while.

Three more sponges are now put back around glove or condom and also put into the chip box. Condom or gloves are slipped over the edge of the box. This creates a long erotic pleasure channel.

At the bottom of the chip box, two small holes are drilled with the cutter. These ensure that the air inside the chip package can escape.

Now the good piece can withstand a little lubrication of the first masturbation. For those who would like to have a bit more structure, there is the following tip: Before the sponges are put into the chip box, with the help of hair elastics a groove shape can be created. For each 1-3 hair elastics are placed over each of the sponges – with this variant of the pocket pussy comes so quickly no boredom! For more info, visit https://lovegasm.co/.

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